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Midas gas detector

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Gas monitoring system for fast
and reliable detection of flammable
and toxic gases used in industrial
manufacturing processes
Portable, flexible toxic gas detection

Midas® is a gas monitoring system for fast
and reliable response to the presence of
virtually all of the gases used or generated
in the Semiconductor and other industrial
manufacturing applications. Midas® offers
lower cost of ownership benefits for gas
detection through a combination of extended
sensor calibration periods, flexible
communications architecture and patented
diagnostics that monitor sensor performance
and flow control.

• Over 40 gases available with extended
2 year warranty*
• Smart sensor cartridge with on board
‘e-calibration’ certificate
• 3 built in relays (Form C) for Alarm
1, 2 and Fault
• Power over Ethernet (PoE) communication
and power platform
• Keypad Interface and remote Web
Browser Interface
• Pyrolyzer and LonWorks® interface optional
modules that connect to any transmitter
• Password protected menu levels to
preserve system integrity
• Bright LEDs and intuitive Icon Driven, large
backlit LCD display
• Factory-calibrated sensors to reduce need
for frequent gas testing
• Isolated 0-22mA Analog Output with fault
and event reporting
• Modbus/TCP Ethernet for easy connectivity
to all control and alarm systems ports for
control connectivity and service interaction
• Robust extractive pump system (2 year
lifetime) sampling up to 30m
• Interactive Training Simulator tool
• CE marked for total immunity to Radio
Frequency Interference
• Reflex® sensor health check for
improved safety
• TempraSureTM temperature compensation
technology as appropriate
• Event logging to review sensor history
• Patented reporting technology confirms
likely gas release to avoid nuisance alarms

•Portable, flexible Toxic gas detection
•Battery operated or line powered
•Low maintenance and no dynamic gas calibration
•Variety of signals outputs to meet monitoring needs
•Emergency response teams
•R & D projects
•Temporary facility monitoring
•Industrial hygiene surveys
•Spill remediation
•Equipment maintenance crews
Option Available
•Pyro Option

Midas® is a universal transmitter platform that detects the majority of toxic, ambient and flammable gases that must be monitored in 
a typical industrial process environment. 
The pre-calibrated ‘plug-and-play’ smart sensor cartridge makes sensor replacement quick and easy to manage with no tools required, and prevents any operator error associated with using incorrect or depleted sensors. Bright LED lights and an intuitive, icon driven interactive menu guarantee instant alert to the gas reading or alarm level coupled with password protected menus for configuration, test and calibration.
Midas® is very compact in size and easy access metal chassis design makes it simple to install in crowded, increasingly complex process environments or retro fit applications where space is at a premium. Midas® has flexible power and communications built in as standard including 3  on-board relays, 0-22mA analog output, Modbus/ TCP Ethernet digital outputs, as well as the innovative Power over Ethernet (PoE) protocol - 
a single Ethernet connection for all power, control and communication requirements. Cost effective integration with PLC and FieldBus systems is greatly simplified with the Midas® architecture.
Midas® will monitor points up to 30m (100ft) away from the transmitter and flow rates are regulated automatically using patented control technology to ensure error free gas sensing operation.  Honeywell Analytics designs and manufactures its own sensors using advanced robotics to ensure unbeatable quality and reliability.
Midas® is complimented by the innovative Chemcassette® range of ultra sensitive low ppb toxic gas detection analysers and our worldwide network of service engineers who operate on a
24 / 7 basis.

General Specifications

Oxygen detection products must only be used to detect Oxygen depletion in air

For standard 1 year sensor warranty use the
order part number format MIDAS-S-XXX; for
extended 2 year warranty use the format

* Midas® detectors are not ETL approved
for monitoring in or sampling from classified
areas above 25% LEL

Technical Summary

Our Product Range

Gas Name Chemical Formula Range Sensor Part Number:
Ammonia NH3 0 - 100ppm MIDAS-S-NH3
Arsine AsH3 0 - 0.2ppm MIDAS-S-ASH
Boron Trichloride BCl3 0 - 8.0ppm MIDAS-S-HCL
Boron Trifluoride BF3 0 - 8.0ppm MIDAS-S-HFX
Boron Trifluoride (Low Level) BF3 0 - 2.0ppm MIDAS-S-HFL
Bromine Br2 0 - 0.4ppm MIDAS-S-BR2
Carbon Dioxide CO2 0 - 2.0% vol MIDAS-S-CO2
Carbon Monoxide CO 0 - 100ppm MIDAS-S-COX
Chlorine Cl2 0 - 2.0ppm MIDAS-S-HAL
Chlorine Dioxide ClO2 0 - 0.4ppm MIDAS-S-BR2
Chlorine Trifluoride ClF3 0 - 0.4ppm MIDAS-S-SF4
Diborane B2H6 0 - 0.4ppm MIDAS-S-HYD
Dichlorosilane H2SiCl2 0 - 8.0ppm MIDAS-S-HCL
Difluoromethane CH2F2 0 - 120ppm MIDAS-S-CFX
Disilane Si2H6 0 - 20ppm MIDAS-S-SHX
Fluorine F2 0 - 4.0ppm MIDAS-S-HAL
Germane GeH4 0 - 0.8ppm MIDAS-S-HYD
Hexafluorobutadiene C4F6 0 - 40ppm MIDAS-S-CFX
Hydrogen (% LEL)* H2 0 - 100% LEL MIDAS-S-LEL
Hydrogen (ppm) H2 0 - 1000ppm MIDAS-S-H2X
Hydrogen Bromide HBr 0 - 8.0ppm MIDAS-S-HCL
Hydrogen Chloride HCl 0 - 8.0ppm MIDAS-S-HCL
Hydrogen Cyanide HCN 0 - 20ppm MIDAS-S-HCN
Hydrogen Fluoride HF 0 - 12ppm MIDAS-S-HFX
Hydrogen Fluoride (Low Level) HF 0 - 2.0ppm MIDAS-S-HFL
Hydrogen Sulphide H2S 0 - 40ppm MIDAS-S-H2S
Hydrogen Sulphide (High Level) H2S 0 - 100ppm MIDAS-S-HSH
Methane (% LEL)* CH4 0 - 100% LEL MIDAS-S-LEL
Methyl Fluoride CH3F 0 - 60ppm MIDAS-S-CFX
Nitrogen Dioxide NO2 0 -12ppm MIDAS-S-NO2
Nitrogen Oxide NO 0 - 100ppm MIDAS-S-NOX
Nitrogen Trifluoride NF3 0 - 40ppm MIDAS-S-HFX
Octofluorocyclopentene C5F8 0 - 40ppm MIDAS-S-CFX
Oxygen Proficiency & Deficiency O2 0 - 25% vol MIDAS-S-O2X
Ozone O3 0 - 0.4ppm MIDAS-S-O3X
Phosphine PH3 0 - 1.2ppm MIDAS-S-PH3
Phosphorous Oxychloride POCl3 0 - 0.4ppm MIDAS-S-POC
Silane SiH4 0 - 20ppm MIDAS-S-SHX
Silane (low level) SiH4 0 - 2.0ppm MIDAS-S-SHL
Sulphur Dioxide SO2 0 - 8.0ppm MIDAS-S-SO2
Sulphur Hexafluoride SF6 0 - 8000ppm MIDAS-S-CFX
Sulphur Tetrafluoride SF4 0 - 0.4ppm MIDAS-S-SF4
Tetra Ethyl Ortho Silicate TEOS 0 - 40ppm MIDAS-S-TEO
Tungsten Hexafluoride WF6 0 - 12ppm MIDAS-S-HFX
Tungsten Hexafluoride (Low Level) WF6 0 - 2.0ppm MIDAS-S-HFL

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