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SmartLine pressure transmitter

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Honeywell STD800 SMARTLINE Differential Pressure Transmitters

Honeywell STD800 Smartline® smart differential pressure transmitters are high accuracy, fast response, modular differential pressure transmitters.  Of traditional 54mm centers, kidney flange design with a range of wetted and non wetted material options, the Smartline® STD800 differential pressure transmitters are suited to a wide range of industrial process control applications.
Honeywell Smartline® STD800 family comprise of the following ranges
STD810 range 0…25mbar with a 25:1 turndown
STD820 range 0…1000mbar with a 400:1 turndown
STD830 range 0…7bar with a 100:1 turndown
STD870 range 0…210bar with a 100:1 turndown
All Honeywell  ST800 Smartline® smart pressure transmitters are compensated for pressure and temperature, CLICK HERE to download the Honeywell Accuracy calculator and calculate Total Probable Error for your measurement range.  Additionally all Honeywell’s SmartLine® smart pressure transmitters offer a modular pressure transmitter design.  Displays, transmitter pucks, process heads, gaskets and other associated parts can be held in stock to be assembled for each custom install as required.
STD800  Smartline® smart differential pressure transmitters, features and benefits…
Modular design allows field modification & stocking of spares
Uncertainty to within ±0.025% (we can supply a Total Probable Error (TPE) uncertainty chart for your defined range)
Stability to within ±0.01% of URL per year for 10 years
Static pressure and temperature compensation
Complete reverse polarity insensitivity, undamaged by and will still operate with cross wiring install
Fast response times within 80ms
Remote messaging facility with historical data information when ordered with advanced graphical display
NAMUR NE43 Compliant Outputs
(Normal Limits 3.8 – 20.5 mA, Failure Mode ≤3.6mA low or ≥21.0mA high)

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