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SmartLine pressure transmitter

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Honeywell SmartLine ST700 Modular Smart Pressure Transmitters

In the 1980s, Honeywell introduced the world's first smart transmitters. In 2012, they're introducing the latest in smart transmitter technology: a fast-responding, high accuracy, modular transmitter series, designed to improve value across your entire plant lifecycle.
Honeywell SmartLine ST700 transmitters can help you reduce project costs, cut startup and commissioning time, lower total maintenance costs, reduce repair time, enhance safety, lower operating costs, reduce unplanned downtime, and improve product quality.
SmartLine ST700 transmitters are designed to replace older ST3000 Series 900 transmitter models. To replace or upgrade an ST3000 Series 100 model, see the new Honeywell ST800.
Key Specifications
Rangeability and turndown of up to 100:1
Response times as fast as 100 ms
Reference accuracy to 0.05% or 0.065% span standard
Transmitter stability up to 0.02% span per year for 5 years
Built-in static pressure and temperature compensation
External zero, span, and configuration capabilities
Polarity-insensitive electrical connections
Comprehensive onboard diagnostics
Full compliance to SIL2 and SIL3 requirements standard
Advanced graphic LCD: Eight configurable screens for process variables, bargraphs, and trends
Modular design makes it easy to change communication modules, digital displays, and replace hardware or meter body — without buying a new unit!

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