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Honeywell TDC2000

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Yamatake Honeywell

Advanced Multifunction Controller (AMC)

Shanghai Wanchang Controls provides high quality recycled and surplus Honeywell TDC 3000 parts. For information or to check pricing and availability, call or write with your requirements.
Stocking Surplus Honeywell TDC 3000 Parts
Quality Recycled, Surplus, and New Parts for Honeywell DCS Systems
Current Parts Inventory Includes:
TDC 3000
TDC 2000
TPS System
LCN Processors & LCNP4 Boards
Advanced Process Manager - APM
Process Manager - PM
High Performance Process Manager - HPM
Network Interface Module - NIM
Hiway Gateways - HG
Advanced Multifunction Controller - AMC
IOP's and FTA's
Universal Station Parts

Model Number Part Number Description
J-MBU01 80360136-001 Base Unit
J-MBU11 UAC Base Unit
J-MBU20 I/O Base Unit
J-MHM10 80360146-011 Hiway Interface Module
J-MSC10 80360145-011 Control Module
J-UDM00 Hiway Cable Interface Module
J-HCX00 80360143-011 Analog Output Module
J-AOM10 80360143-011 Analog Output Module
J-DIM00 80360139-001 Digital Input Module 24V
J-DOM00 80360140-011 Digital Output Module
J-DOM10 80360140-001 Digital Output Module
J-DOM20 80360195-001 Digital Output Module
J-HMM00 80360142-001 High Level Multiplex Module
J-PIM00 80360185-001 Pulse Input Module
J-HAM10 80360141-011 HLAI Module
J-STM00 80360199-001 STDCM
J-ETP00 80361027-001 Enhanced DO RTP
J-RTP00 80360695-001 DI/O RTP
J-RTP10 80360677-001 AI RTP
J-RTP20 80360693-001 AO RTP
J-RTP30 80360680-001 AO RTP
J-RTP50 80360689-001 PI RTP
J-RTP80 80361024-001 Relay DO RTP
Hiway Communication
Part Number Description
51400700-100 Data Hiway Interface Board
51108088-100 Data Hiway I/O Board
PIU - Process Interface Units CCFA
Model Number Description
30731832-001 Processor Board
30731832-005 PIU Processor - Operator Station
30731832-501 Processor Board
30731808-001 Regulator Board
4DP7APXAD111 A/D Converter
4DP7APXAD211 A/D Converter
4DP7APXAD911 A/D Converter
4DP7APXDH111 Hiway Interface Board
4DP7APXDH222 Data Hiway Interface Board
4DP7APXDH233 Data Hiway Interface Board
4DP7APXIO111 I/O Multiplexor
4DP7APXIO211 I/O Bus Controller

4DP7APXMD111 MUX Driver

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