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Fire detection and control panel

for spark extinguishing systems

Product & application

The SOLID Spark Detection and Extinguishing (SDE) is preconfigured for
the control and functional monitoring of spark extinguishing systems in
pneumatic suction and conveyor systems such as drop shafts, for example
in the timber, textile, paint and food industries (spark extinguishing,
1 extinguishing zone). It can be used in a tough industrial environment
without any problems thanks to its extremely robust dust and jet-proof
housing (IP66) in polycarbonate. All setting can be quickly and easily
made, making commissioning simpler. During operation, status LEDs
provide a clear indication of status and function keys intuitive operation.
The emergency power supply ensures continuous availability.
Besides the SOLID SDE spark extinguishing control panel, a spark extinguishing
system consists of spark detectors and a valve unit. If the spark
detectors have detected potential sources of ignition such as sparks or
hot particles in the material being conveyed, they send a signal to the
SOLID SDE. It evaluates the signal within milliseconds and immediately
activates the extinguishing unit’s solenoid valve. Water is released
through patented, self-closing nozzles. The glowing particles fly into the
water mist formed by the nozzle and are extinguished. Immediately afterwards,
the solenoid valve closes automatically. Simultaneously the SOLID
SDE triggers notification devices.
An integrated configurable spark counter identifies the number of
potential sources of ignition detected within a defined period. When
a certain number is exceeded the SOLID SDE can automatically turn
off machinery: Causes can be resolved and further sparking, as well
as inundation of the protected equipment, prevented. The control
panel continually monitors the connected spark detectors, notification
devices and valves for their availability and functioning, as well as all
cableconnectors separately for line break and short circuit.

Main features

 Signal evaluation from spark
detectors and rapid flame detectors
within milliseconds
 Immediate activation of the
spark extinguishing system’s
extinguishing unit
 Integrated, configurable spark
counter to turn off machinery
 Clear status identification and
intuitive operation
 Simple commissioning
– preconfigured for use in spark
extinguishing systems

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