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The AMX4004 WEA is an aspirating
smoke detector in a sturdy industrial
design especially for the particular
requirements and conditions encountered
in wind energy plants. Its purpose
is to detect fires as they develop.
The device continuously takes samples
of the air in the areas monitored,
which is piped to the sensors. The
sensors analyse the smoke aerosol
and optionally fire gases as well. Up
to three sensors, which can be used
in combination, ensure reliable and
early warning of fire with an attendant
high level of security against
false alarms.
An integrated air-flow monitoring
system also ensures that monitoring
functions faultlessly when the switch
cabinets are cooled.
The aspirating smoke detector is
equipped with an automatic adjustment
mode to adapt it automatically
to the ambient conditions.
The AMX4004 WEA aspirating smoke
detector was developed specially for
use in wind energy plants. The robust
industrial design means that it is
unaffected by the typical raw service
conditions to which wind energy plants
are subject.

The AMX4004 WEA is a reliable and
durable piece of equipment which will
withstand vibration as well as extreme
temperature variations and climatic
– penetration by salt water and
moisture (e.g., offshore)
– cold temperatures, ice and snow
– lightning strike
– industrial atmospheres (e.g., in
 the vicinity of refineries and
 chemical factories)

+ Multiple analysis makes a staged fire
alarm possible.
+ The active piping of the air samples
permits the device to be positioned
in any suitable place in the nacelle or
the tower.
+ The use of different sensors will lead to
more reliable fire detection and a high
level of security against false alarms.
+ Comparison with typical malfunction
characteristics is carried out by means
of intelligent evaluation algorithms.
+ The robust industrial design is impervious
to the typical raw service conditions
encountered by wind energy
+ The integrated automatic adjustment
mode enables it to adapt it optimally to
the ambient conditions.
+ The AMX4004 WEA is approved by
VdS and certified by GL.


Inside the casing of the detector, a fan generates a
partial vacuum, which continuously extracts air samples
from the area being monitored through a connected
system of pipework with tiny perforations. These air
samples are led through a series of three different sensors
which analyse them for typical fire characteristics –
smoke aerosols and CO conflagration gases. The sensor
signals are then processed by an intelligent evaluation
unit. The transmission of signals is carried out in accordance
with the configuration of the particular system.
An integrated air-flow sensor monitors the air aspirated
for a continuous flow volume. Exceeding, or failing to
reach the threshold values for which the plant has been
specifically configured leads to the fact being shown on
the LCD screen and transmitted as a general fault.
The AMX4004 WEA can be operated either through
a fire detection control panel or by means of potential-free
contacts to a freely-programmable control
Installation and operation of wind energy plants demand
a major capital investment, which can be put at
risk by a tiny electrical or mechanical defect causing
total destruction by fire. The greatest fire risk emanates
from electrical switch cabinets and electronic controls.
Apart from lightning strikes when the lightning conductors
are defective, a further particular fire risk is
presented by all the mechanism including the hydraulic
equipment and braking system. Fire spreads in these
areas particularly rapidly. A smouldering fire caused
by a defective or over-loaded component will nearly
always lead to an open outbreak of fire which in the
worst case can result in a total loss.
The AMX4004 WEA can control an automatic extinguishing
system by means of connection to a fire
control centre and if necessary shut down the wind
energy plants. Through early warning of out - breaks of
fire and possible disastrous consequences including in
very extreme circumstances the destruction of the wind
energy plant can be avoided.

Technical data
Operating voltage 24 V DC (18 V DC to 30 V DC)
Quiescent current approx. 390 mA
 (including fan but not heating)
Alarm current approx. 420 mA
 (including fan but not heating)
Heating power consumption approx. 1.0 A
Operating temperature (–30 °C)*–20 °C to +50 °C
Storing temperature –25 °C to +65 °C
Protection class IEC 529 IP 54
 (without air inlet or outlet)
Casing measurements 280 mm x 170 mm x 90 mm WxHxD
Material housing Die cast aluminum
Aspiration pressure max. 450 Pa
Pipe diameter outside 25 mm, inside 22 mm
Aspiration pipe length max. 100 m total length
(max. 50 m as single run)
Approvals VdS, GL 

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