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MTL4500/MTL5500 range
Machine Monitor Interfaces
Vibration Probes - MTL4531, MTL5531
Temperature Sensors - MTL 4582B, MTL5582B

1.1 Application and function
The MTL4531 and MTL5531 are single channel isolator modules which enable vibration sensors and
probes located in a hazardous area to be connected to monitoring systems in the safe area. For resistance
temperature detectors, rtds, the MTL4582B and MTL5582B module is a single channel isolator module
that repeats the resistance value from hazardous to safe area. The modules are also designed and assessed
according to IEC 61508 for use in safety instrumented systems up to SIL1, without hardware redundancy.
Higher integrity levels for a SIF can be achieved by hardware duplication, for example by using the modules in
a voting architecture.
The vibration modules are compatible with three-wire eddy-current probes and accelerometers or two-wire
current sensors. The RTD isolator is compatible with two, three or four-wire devices. There are configuration
switches to be set on the modules that define the type and arrangement of the connected sensors.
These modules are members of the MTL4500 and MTL5500 range of products.

1.2 Variant Description
Functionally the MTL4500 and MTL5500 modules are the same but differ in the following way:
 - the MTL4500 modules are designed for backplane mounted applications
 - the MTL5500 modules are designed for DIN rail mounting.
In both models the hazardous area field-wiring connections (terminals 1-3, and 4-6) are made through the
removable blue connectors on the top of the modules, but the safe area and power connections for the
MTL4531 modules are made through the connector on the base, while the MTL5531/MTL5582 uses the
removable grey connectors on the top and side of the module.
Note that the safe-area connection terminal numbers differ between the backplane and DIN-rail mounting
The specific models covered by this manual are:
 MTL4531 and MTL5531 vibration transducer interfaces
 MTL4582B and MTL5582B resistance isolators

Note: To avoid repetition, further use of MTLx531 in this document can be understood to include both DIN-rail
and backplane models. Individual model numbers will be used only where there is a need to distinguish them.

MTL4531 – MTL5531



The MTLx531 repeats a signal from a vibration sensor in a hazardous
area, providing an output for a monitoring system in the safe area.
The interface is compatible with 3-wire eddy-current probes and
accelerometers or 2-wire current sensors; the selection is made by a
switch on the side of the module.

See also common specification
Number of channels
Sensor type
2- or 3-wire vibration transducer
Location of signal source
Zone 0, IIC, T4–6 hazardous area if suitably certified
Div. 1, Group A hazardous location
Hazardous-area input
Input impedance
(terminals 2 & 3): 10kΩ
Transducer supply voltage, 3-wire (terminals 3 & 1)

Transducer supply current, 2-wire
3.3mA (nom.) for 2-wire sensors, user selectable by switch
Signal range
Minimum –20V, maximum –0.5V
DC transfer accuracy at 20°C
AC transfer accuracy at 20°C
0Hz to 1kHz: ±1%
1kHz to 10kHz: –5% to +1%
10kHz to 20kHz: –10% to +1%
Temperature coefficient
±50ppm/°C (10 to 65°C)
±100ppm/°C (–20 to 10°C)
Voltage bandwidth
–3dB at 47kHz (typical)
Phase response
<14µs, equivalent to:
–1° at 200Hz
–3° at 600Hz
–5° at 1kHz
–50° at 10kHz
–100° at 20kHz
Safe-area output impedance
LED indicator
Green: power indication



Supply voltage
20 to 35V dc
Maximum current consumption (10mA transducer load)
65mA at 24V
Maximum power dissipation within unit
Safety description
Terminals 3 to 1
Uo=26.6V Io=94mA Po=0.66W Um = 253V rms or dc
Terminals 3 to 2
Non-energy-storing apparatus ≤1.5V, ≤0.1A and ≤25mW

SIL capable
These models have been assessed for use in
IEC 61508 functional safety applications.
SIL1 capable for a single device (HFT=0)
SIL2 capable for multiple devices in safety
redundant configuration (HFT=1)
See data on MTL web site and refer to the
safety manual.

MTL7700 range

The MTL7700 range follows closely in the footsteps of the MTL700 but as a DIN rail mounting barrier providing quick and easy installation without the need for special hardware. Removable terminals are used for ease of installation, maintenance and for providing a loop disconnect by simply unplugging the terminals from the side of the module. Wire entry is also angled to assist wiring within limited space enclosures. MTL7700 barriers clamp simply and securely onto standard T-section DIN rail, simultaneously making a reliable IS earth connection. For applications where field power is required for switch inputs or 2-wire transmitters, the MTL7700 range provides a bussed power feed facility. When used in conjunction with the MTL7798 power feed module the user has a fully protected, electronically fused supply to many barriers with no additional wiring required.

Product Code Description
intrinsically safe logo Symbol denotes that the equipment is suitable for use in hazardous area applications.
fsm logo Symbol denotes that the product has been assessed for functional safety applications



MTL4500/5500 range isolators
Specify part number: eg, MTL4511, MTL5575
Individual isolator identification
TH5000 Tag holder (Pack of 20)
Connectors - MTL4500 & MTL5500
HAZ1-3 Hazardous-area plug,
terminals 1, 2 and 3
HAZ4-6 Hazardous-area plug,
terminals 4, 5 and 6
HAZ-CJC Hazardous-area plug, terminals 1 and 3 with
cold-junction sensor
HAZ-CJC2 Hazardous-area plug, terminals 4 and 6 with
cold-junction sensor
SAF1-3 Safe-area plug, terminals 1, 2 and 3
SAF4-6 Safe-area plug, terminals 4, 5 and 6
Connectors - MTL5500 only
SAF7-9 Safe-area plug, terminals 7, 8 and 9
SAF10-12 Safe-area plug, terminals 10, 11 and 12
PWR5000 Power connector, terminals 13 and 14
PowerBus - MTL5500 only
PB-8T Powerbus Kit for up to 8 isolators
PB-16T Powerbus Kit for up to 16 isolators
PB-24T Powerbus Kit for up to 24 isolators
PB-32T Powerbus Kit for up to 32 isolators
MTL5500 mounting accessories
THR2 1m length of DIN rail to EN 50022;
BS 5584; DIN 46277
MS010 DIN-rail module spacer, 10mm
(pack of 5)
MTL5500 earth-rail and tag strip accessories
IMB57 Insulating mounting block
ERB57S Earth-rail bracket, straight
ERL7 Earth-rail, 1m length
ETM7 Earth terminal, bag of 50
TAG57 Tagging strip, 1m length
TGL57 Tagging strip labels, set of 10 x 0.5m
MTL5500 enclosures
DX070 Enclosure for MTL5500 x 4
DX170 Enclosure for MTL5500 x 10

MTL4500 standard backplanes
CPS04 4-way backplane screw-clamp connector
CPS08 8-way backplane screw-clamp connector
CPS16 16-way backplane screw-clamp connector
CPS24 24-way backplane screw-clamp connector
MTL4500 custom backplanes
Contact your local Eaton sales office for options and advice
MTL4500 backplane mounting accessories
DMK01 DIN-rail mounting kit, T- or G-section
(pack of 40)
8-way backplanes require 4,
16-way backplanes require 6
SMS01 Surface mounting kit (pack of 40)
4- and 8-way backplanes require 4,
16-way backplanes require 6,
24-way backplanes require 8
HMP24 Horizontal mounting plate and screws for
19-inch rack mounting
24-way backplanes only
BMK08 Mounting kit for one 4- or 8-way backplane
BMK16 Mounting kit for one 16-way backplane
MTL4500 backplane accessories
ERK08 Earth rail kit for CPS08 backplane
ERK16 Earth rail kit for CPS16 backplane
TSK08 Tagging strip kit for CPS08 backplane
TSK16 Tagging strip kit for CPS16 backplane
TSK24 Tagging strip kit for CPS24 backplane
FUS1.0ATE5 Fuse kit, 1.0A (pack of 10)
FUS2.0ATE5 Fuse kit, 2.0A (pack of 10)
FUS2.5ATE5 Fuse kit, 2.5A (pack of 10)
FUS4.0ATE5 Fuse kit, 4.0A (pack of 10)
MCK45 MTL4000 backplane conversion kit
(16 clip pairs per pack)
SCK45 Module 4-clip strips
(10 strips + 40 rivets per pack)
MPL01 Module position label (blank) (50 per pack)
MCC45 Module backplane connector cover (pack of
INM5500 MTL5500 range instruction manual
INM4500/ MTL4500/MTL4600 range instruction manual
Configurator and software
PCL45USB Configurator, PC interface and software
PCS45 PC software

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